Donating drones
to Ukraine

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Now your old drones can be useful again in Ukraine, as there is an acute shortage of camera drones.

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Ukraine is facing a terrible war. They're asking for urgent help in getting more camera drones.

We work in the forest industry and our colleagues and drone contractors in Ukraine have asked us for help. They really need more camera drones to help their population and their civil defense, as well as to document war crimes.

If you have a drone you can spare, we can send it to Ukraine.

Donate drones or money

Most types of camera drones are of interest. You can donate a used one or buy a new one. If you’d rather give some money, support is also needed to train more drone pilots in Ukraine.

Used drones & accessories
Brand new drone kit
Money for training

What do I do?

Here are some ways to get a drone. Check with us in advance if the drone model can be used!

Where should I send the drone?

Please let us know which drone model and equipment you can donate by sending an email to:

We’ll get back to quickly if we think the equipment will be useful, and we’ll tell where you should ship it. We’ll also confirm by email when your donation has arrived. After checking the equipment, resetting it to factory reset and anonymizing it, everything is then repackaged and delivered to a collection point in Poland, for onward transport to Ukraine. In Ukraine, Dronarium is responsible for the distribution and prioritization of recipients.

The need is urgent, so collections and transport will be ongoing.

How do I donate money?

A donation is most useful when it is sent directly to our partners in Ukraine. The donation goes directly to purchase of new drones to our partner Dronarium in Ukraine. The payment is handled by MAD Foundation.

Who is organizing the campaign?

We who started this campaign are all active in Swedish forestry and the drone industry. We’re doing this because our colleagues in Ukraine contacted us and asked for help. All the equipment is reviewed and packaged in Sweden and then sent to Poland, where our contacts meet up and transport it on to Ukraine. Everyone involved volunteers their own time and they pay all the costs and transports out of their own pockets. We hope many more will join us!

Pilot training in Ukraine

Drone footage of looting of Ukrainian property

Donating money to purchase drones is made possible through the collaboration between Drones2Ukraine and MAD Foundation. Drones2Ukraine manages the logistics and MAD Foundation the payment process.


Help spread the campaign

We are grateful to everyone who tries to help Ukraine. Please share this campaign, especially with anyone who has drones or who can write about the campaign!